Devi Pavarti (devi_pavarti) wrote in mdmoms,
Devi Pavarti

Beautiful Day for an Outing

GSA - General Services Administration is hosting EARTH DAY activities and info today from 12-2 at the park on 18th 5-6 blocks south of Farragut West Metro. Snacky foods (ice cream, popcorn) and sidwalk chalk and other kid friendly things while the parents can pick up info, etc. For many kids the metro ride is fun enough. Other activities near there are the Corcoran and Sackler museums, White House etc.

I've quit my job and am starting the SAH adventure soon. Is anyone else doing this? Is this an appropriate community to post activities and such for SAH parents? I'd love to come up with free things to do in DC and MD with my kids this summer. I have a little list started. Is anyone interested?
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