Spunkeekitty (spunkeekitty) wrote in mdmoms,

Hi! Again?

<b>Name:</b>  Shelby
<b>Your LJ Name:</b>  Spunkeekitty
<b>Birthdate:</b>  May 19th
<b>Pregnant?: (y/n)</b>  TTC
<b>Your Children's names & Birthdays or EDD:</b>  Olivia Brooke (Jan 19, 2007)
<b>What city do you live in:</b>  Glen Burnie
<b>Are you a working mom or stay at home mom?:</b>  SAHM
<b>Married, Single or In a relationship mom?:</b>  Married to Jason for almost 2 years together almost 6.
<b>How did you find mdmoms?:</b>  A search but I guess I've found this before since it says I'm a member but I don't recall answering the ?'s
<b>Did you read the rules?:</b>  Certainly!
<b>Questions/Comments or extra info about you and your children:</b>  I'm originally from Massachusettes looking to make new friends here.

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