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I've been a member for a little bit, but kept getting distracted when I started to fill this out. (New know how it is.)

Name: Anika/Nik
Your LJ Name: eternitywaiting
Birthdate: 1-17-84
Pregnant?: (y/n) nope
Your Children's names & Birthdays or EDD: Suzume Gaelle, 11-27-06 (she'll be six months on Sunday!)
What city do you live in: Baltimore
Are you a working mom or stay at home mom?: You missed one: Work at home. :-)
Married, Single or In a relationship mom?: Married, four years this August
How did you find mdmoms?: browsing
Did you read the rules?: yup
Questions/Comments or extra info about you and your children: Well, I have the most awesome baby ever, if I do say so myself. :-) She's nothing but smiles and giggles, is a crazy fast learner (she rolled over for the first time when she was 16 days old - seriously!), and has a huuuuuge personality.

I run a snowball stand here in the city, but since I have Suzu around now, I've passed the reigns of day-to-day supervision over to my mother, while I do the clerical stuff (plus, I'm designing our webpage right now). We're trying to open another location in Dundalk, and I'll be getting back into the meat of the business more as Suzu grows.

My husband Vince works as a supervisor for Best Buy, and is a fabulous daddy. We've been together since high school.

I'm waiting on one final grade to tell me whether or not I'm officially a college grad, as I had to take incompletes last Fall because baby girl wanted out a little bit early. I went to Towson for English Literature. (Yes, I am a nerd.)

All my mommy friends live in different states, so I'd love to get to know some people closer by!

And, a couple photos:

the two of us (please excuse the look of exaustion I'm wearing in this - it was a busy week)

my goofy girl
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